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Custom web design and everything your business needs to find more customers & clients online. 

Web Development

We believe in building interactive web Applications to create experiences beyond our clients’ expectations.

Web Design

With our extensive expertise in UI/UX design and Front-End Development, We build Web Applications with delightful user experiences.

Strategy Building

We focus on business objectives that provide solutions to target audiences. We drive leads, sales, and deeper engagement for any B2C or B2B websites.

SEO Services

An optimized site is more likely to rank well in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. We use a strategic approach with the right keywords to improve the ranking of a website in search engines.


Don’t just engage followers. Convert them into loyal customers. Our social media marketing services make an impact where it matters most the bottom line of your income statement.

Country SEO

Optimizing the Site's to get Ranking in Cities or Country. Ensuring your brand is represented on Top. We are best to Create Impact for your Brand.

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IT Consultancy

Bitsoftsol is providing IT Consultancy Services to Small and Medium Enterprises. Our Experienced Consultants helped business owners to use technology for solving their business problems.

We are Providing Software Consultancy in different industries solutions like
1) health Care 
2) Supply Chain

3) Ecommerce

4) Virtual Reality 

5) Artificial Intelligence

6) TeleCommunication 

We have a domain specific consultant and they treat each problem individually and after evaluation we come up with multiple options by using industry best practices. In Each Process we clearly define the Pro’s and Con’s to create Transparency in our model and our customers get the clarity of what’s best for them using our reporting.  

Bitsoftsol is also providing the feasibility Study Consulting services to his clients that is actually a rigorous evaluation of the profitability and viability of a software development initiative. We use multiple processes to evaluate and even offer Proof Of Concept Service to make things visible in 2 week time. 

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Web Design and Development

We provide a website that is easy to edit, easy to maintain, and easy to support. We are providing a website by using pre pre-built template along with bespoke Solutions.

Bitsofsol Provides Web Services in following Areas
1) Web Template Designing that includes Web layout Designing using image editing tools like Photoshop,Fireworks, Figma.

2) Providing Frontend Designing services like Figma to html and CSS along with using multiple Javascript frameworks and libraries like NodeJS, TypeScript, Express JS, React JS, AngularJS, Socket.io, REST API, HTML, CCC, Responsive Design, Material Design, Tailwind, Antd design, SASS, SCSS, Bootstrap and other technologies extensively.

3) Providing Dynamic Websites in multiple industries like Ecommerce, Real Estate, health care, Social networking, Web Portals. 

4) We use Agile Development Methodology to deliver html5 Websites that are scalable and Fulfill our customers’ business needs. 

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Software Product Development

We help startups to convert their idea into actual software by creating a roadmap and then converting this roadmap into Reliable, Scalable, and maintainable solutions.

We are using Agile/Scrum Methodology and doing daily standup’s meetings for our customers and using CI/CD for ongoing automation and continuous monitoring.  We are actively using project management tools like Jira, redmine, basecamp and many others for time logging along with creating 2-week sprints. In Sprint Epics are defined and these epics are converted into stories and these stories are converted into tasks and then we use moscow method for managing requirements.   We are providing Following Services regarding Software Products

1) Minimum Viable Product(MVP)

2) Minimum Lovable Product(MLP)

3) Proof Of Concept

4) Product Ideation

5) Lifecycle Management

6) Testing & QA

7) Product Enhancement 

8) Maintenance & Support

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Mobile Applications and Enterprise Mobility

Bitsoftsol providing Enterprise mobility Solutions and our speciality is business mobility Specifically in healthcare and education sector.

We have an expert Mobile Application Development team who is actively working in hybrid Applications. The Different type of technology that we use for developing mobile applications are 

  • Flutter based Android and IOS App
  • Ionic based Android and IOS App
  • Swift based Android and IOS APP 
  • React Native Based Android and IOS App
  • Kotlin Java based Android App
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SaaS application

We Deploy the best Saas Application that helps business grow.These applications take out time-consuming, painful installation, and also minimize the room for errors.

Dedicated Hiring

Complete your project by using our dedicated developer hiring cost effective option and you can get managed service with multiple talents under one roof.

 You will be directly connected with your developer and have full transparency to communicate and utilize the resource.

  • Hire Backend Developer
  • Hire Node.js Developer
  • Hire Angular Developer
  • Hire React Developer
  • Hire React Native Developer
  • Hire Java kotlin Developer
  • Hire php developer
  • Hire Laravel developer
  • Hire codeigniter developer
  • Hire Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Hire Dedicated Project Manager
  • Hire Dedicated Quality Assurance Doing Manual Testing
  • Hire Dedicated Automation QA

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On Demand Project Manager

Project Managers are captains of the ship who united the team using their knowledge, experience and skills. You can hire a dedicated project manager from us who can manage sprint planning along with day to day activities and can communicate on behalf of our customer.

He can help you in documentation like statements of work, Minutes of meeting, Work Breakdown structure and can help create estimates along with a monitoring team and make sure that team delivers what is expected from them. You can get a project manager either for managing small engagement or using that service to cover the new on-boarding process.

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Level up your business with our Web Development Services

Unleash your growth potential with Bitsoftsol. Encourage collaboration and generate insightful discussions.

Increase Organic Reach with our SEO Services

With our tested best SEO Practices and Real Results. You can Hire us for Local, Business Websites, Affiliate, Blogging, SEO, SMM Quality Services  .

Best Practices

We use best Practices in Web Development and SEO. That is why your Brand will never Compromise

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Here we go, the 5 Steps for getting started with a Web Application. 

  • Information Gathering 
  • Planning the workflow
  • Building web application
  • Testing the Website 
  • Hosting and Deploying Web Application

Website Development cost varies depending on the complexity of the project. The average price can go as low as 600$ for a simple web Application and as high as for a complex project with a follow-up modification plan.

In this globalized era, the custom web application is necessary for business. It gives the business a quick boost by reaching new customers and letting them know about the organization and its services. It can play a crucial role in the branding process.

A Web Application development varies on the complexity of the project. Development involves project setup, front-end, back-end, server-side development, and additional API integrations. The average time it takes to be finalized is 10-30 business days. 

Laravel is one of the best Platforms to build Interactive and Dynamic Web Applications. We are committed to Design and Development using different platforms listed below:

  • Laravel
  • Python (Django)
  • CodeIgnator
  • Angular JS

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