Chat with Your Documents: Instant Answers with AskDoc

AskDoc is a tool for easy document chats. Powered by advanced AI, it simplifies your search within documents. Just ask a question and get the right answer instantly. No more lengthy searches, just quick answers. Let’s improve your knowledge search.




Web, Android & iOS (Upcoming)

AskDoc was a game-changer for our new team members, accelerating their learning curve and onboarding process seamlessly.

Jane Smith

Lead Project Manager and Documentation Specialist.

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Helping educate over 20 million learners around the world

Arbisoft partnered with edX to revolutionize education by developing Open edX, an online MOOC platform accessible to everyone. With a team of 150 experts, Arbisoft contributed to the refinement of Studio features, extended the platform to integrate with third-party LMS, and provided timely support to edX learners. Today, over 20 million learners and 140 partners trust edX, a reliable and robust open-source platform.

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